Your life is meaningful because it's YOUR STORY. Let us help you make this chapter meaningful. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Excellence, dignity and integrity for all persons.

Our Values

Helping people change from

"I wish I had" to "I'm glad I did"

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between you and where you wish to be.

Our Mission

Our Founder



For the past 28 years, every day that I go to my place of employment, I’ve never viewed it as “just a job”.  I view each day as a new opportunity to MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE for patients and their families.


Working in the areas that I have: as a Flight Nurse with STARS Air Ambulance,  the Emergency Department, the Open Heart Surgery Intensive Care Unit, as well as the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit, I have been witness to countless moments that have changed people’s lives forever.  I have had the opportunity to be with patients on their deathbeds and with the families of loved ones receiving a life altering/ending diagnosis and I truly believe EVERY SINGLE DAY is a gift.

For these reasons and more, I created Compassionate Care in the Air.  It is my goal to turn peoples' regrets of  "I wish I had" into "I'm so glad I did".

© 2018  Compassionate Care in the Air 

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