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5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Trip

So you have decided to take that trip - despite all of the reasons you have for why you shouldn't go, you are going to do it. BRAVO!

Here are 5 tips to ensure your trip will be fabulous:

  1. Make a List: Write out all of the things that YOU fear could go wrong. This isn’t introducing negativity into your planning, it's actually giving you the powerful disposition that you have anticipated the things that could go wrong and you have had time to think about one or more solutions. Nobody wants to be making serious decisions when their stress levels are high and they are not on familiar territory. We as humans like certainty in our life therefore, having a plan empowers us to not get overwhelmed.

  2. Record Your Meds: Ensure that you have all of your medications, prescriptions, naturopathic remedies and ALL over-the-counter supplements recorded. DO NOT rely on your memory or your spouse’s memory to know your medications. I always suggest to my patients that they keep a list and on that list write what the medication is for (Blood Pressure, Prostate, Diabetes), correct dosages, and how does the medication react with your body. Sometimes medications can make you feel dizzy, sleepy or upsets your stomach. Make the list comprehensive so that if you were unable to communicate yourself, someone else could put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  3. Bring it All: If you hear yourself saying ‘I am sure they will have this there”, you need to have a plan B. For example, if you are travelling with a CPAP machine or any other machine you need for your health, ensure it's in working order. Ensure that the things you use daily/nightly go with you. Those “extra’s” don’t have to stop you from travelling, but they may need to be managed before you leave. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Knowing when you need assistance is far more liberating than trying to figure it out and not look dumb and then having something disastrous occur.

  4. Get Insurance: Always ensure that you have adequate medical/travel insurance. It may seem redundant to say that, however, many policies have specific rules, such as some credit cards insist that you have the policy with them if you used the credit card to purchase the insurance, also, is everyone you are travelling with listed on the policy. Taking a few minutes to plan and evaluate before you go can make the difference between a “disastrous” trip and an awesome trip!

  5. Plan Ahead: If you or someone you are travelling with requires assistance embarking, deplaning, luggage retrieval etc ensure that this is arranged with the airline or cruise line ahead of time, again DON'T leave anything to chance! If using a travel agent, ask their advice on what to expect.

Failing to plan is planning to fail! So take the extra time before you go to have a plan (and a back-up too), just in case.

Bon Voyage!

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