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Looking After Your Health NOW: Stress

Make a list of ALL the things you had planned or wanted to do in your life and start asking yourself “when”. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and if we can start taking care of our health which will give us the longevity, energy and strength to do the things we believe are important to us.

Heart disease is a serious killer. Our bodies and the arteries that supply our heart with blood respond poorly to stress. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has deemed STRESS the number one reason for heart attacks.

Cut down the stress is your life. Perhaps this is easier said than done. I get it. Life can be stressful. Here are 5 tips for cutting down the stress in your life:

  1. Think about where your stress comes from. What is ONE change that you can make today to cut down that stress?

  2. When making a change, make small changes so that you can stay committed. It proves to be difficult to stick with things if we make too many changes at once.

  3. Do more of what makes you happy. If you fill your free time with activities that bring you joy, you may find you have less time (or less desire) to stress out.

  4. Meal plan. This one may seem out of place but often times we find ourselves stressed because we know we aren’t eating well or getting enough nutrition. Plan ahead when you can and prepare well-balanced, nutritious meals that you can easily cook throughout the week.

  5. Get enough sleep. At the end of the day, stress is going to happen. A good night’s sleep won’t solve all your problems, but it sure does help.

Be responsible for your health. Know your medications, ask questions of your practitioners. Know your limits, and live within them, make changes when your body is telling you to. YOU are responsible for your health, no one else. Now is the time to take your health seriously. Small simple changes can change the way you appreciate your health and the time you have to spend with your family and whoever is important to you. Start making changes today that will have you healthier tomorrow.

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