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Staying Healthy While Travelling

Yahoo! You have the trip you've always wanted to take planned, and now you're packing for it. Besides the obvious clothing you'll need for the area you're visiting, you also need to pack any medication you take and be aware of any health conditions you have and know how to handle them. This can be a little overwhelming sometimes, so I'm here to help. Let's make it easier for you.

The general rule of thumb is if you take it or use it at home, take it with you! That means, take your medication (all of your medication) plus an extra weeks worth. Who knows what’s going to happen to your medication (or your trip!). Carry at least two days worth in your carry on in the unfortunate event that your luggage gets misplaced and you don’t have access to your medication for a few days. Do not mix all your medications together, it is so important to be able to identify what pill is what, no guess work.

If you have medications that require adjuncts such as syringes, needles, nebulizers, airochambers etc, ensure that you have extra of those supplies as well. Ensure that you have a safe way of disposing of your syringes and needles. Inquire to the country that you are going to regarding disposal of your medical adjuncts. If you have any equipment which requires batteries, make sure the batteries are topped up and have a spare, just in case. Planning is one thing and anticipating the “what ifs” takes the stress out of being “stuck” without your important medical modalities.

If you have been seen by a cardiologist for a heart condition and you have had a recent ECG (electrocardiogram) take a copy with you so that if for some reason you end up seeking medical attention, the team reviewing you and your concerns will be able to look at what was your normal from home. This is important as well for blood work. If you frequently need your blood work evaluated, take a copy with you of your most current, (not the one that looks the best) results. Not all places will have access to the system that your current physician uses.

Never rely on anyone else for YOUR medical needs. You are the keeper of your health and, therefore, if you need your CPAP machine and all its parts, make sure they are there. It takes a few minutes to lay everything out to ensure you aren’t missing any parts. There is likely nothing worst than having to be unwell while away from home.

Now, enjoy the trip!

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