What to Expect

Don't give up on what really matters. 

Let us help you turn "I can't" into "I can".


  1. You will contact us via email/telephone and we will set up an in-person or Skype/Zoom online consultation

  2. The consultation will cover your destination and travel dates, the services you require, any additional inquiries we need to make (ie with the airline or with your health care practitioners etc.)

  3. We will have a discussion around physician involvement so there will be no disruption in your current medical modalities

  4. A quote will be sent for services 

  5. Client agreement will be created and signed

  6. Client will make a non-refundable deposit, the amount of which will vary for each client 

  7. The payment for flights will be received and then tickets are booked and secured.  All inquiries and paperwork needed by the airline will be done by me and all the logistics will be done by me. No stress for you! This is a privileged and premier aspect of our exclusive personalized service.  

  8. Full payment must be made a minimum of 10 days prior to travel

  9. We will communicate 7 days before the departure date, then again on the day prior to the departure date.

  10. We will meet at the said airport at the agreed upon time and agreed upon meeting place.

  11. We travel and you arrive at your chosen location to be greeted by those you have arranged with to meet you.  We do not leave the airport with you, so if you require assistance to leave the airport or throughout the remainder of your journey you must have that pre-arranged.

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